Popular Board Games Never Grow Old

No matter the advancement in computer graphics and the multitude of games that producers develop constantly, there are still some oldies but goldies that keep the same fascination on the public from the oldest times. In case you are thinking of a revolutionary computer game, you are wrong. Computer games are relatively new, but before the popularization of the device, there was another thing that entertained hundreds of thousands an even millions: board games.

The history of board games is, at least, fascinating, the oldest being Senet , that dates back to 3.500 BC and the newest being Pente – which was invented in 1987. No matter the age that you have, you must remember the fascination that you felt in front of a board game when you were a child – this never grows old, and children and adults alike can enjoy board games. This makes popular board games the perfect form of family fun. At the moment, there are countless board games that can be played, some more interesting than others, but all sharing the same characteristic: fun!

Perhaps one of the best known games is chess, since it’s been very popular for a very long time, and still is. It’s a game of strategy that can take hours to play, but when won, the feelings of accomplishment of the winner are tremendous, since winning means that you outwit your opponent and that your strategy has proven to be flawless.

Chess is only one example, since there are out there a lot of other popular board games, like Backgammon, Checkers, Chess, Conspirators, Go, Go-Moku, Solitaire, Surakarta, Tablut, Tigers and Goats, Twelve Man Morris, Wari, to name just a few.

Of course, most of these games can be played on a computer, and can offer countless hours of mind twisting entertainment, but no matter if played on a classic board or on your PC or Mac, there is one thing that is needed in order to win: strategy. The rules might be simple but in order to finish the game and be the winner, in popular board games you also need make use of the little engine that could, as opposed to most of the modern games in which all you have to do is shoot things or fight or finish quests.

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