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You just never know where you’re going to find a fun board game, but among the latest games to hit the stores are those devoted to the Twilight saga. The movie, Twilight: New Moon, is due for release in US theaters in late November 2009. Naturally, all of the merchandise related to the film has to hit the store shelves before the movie comes out.

In the first movie, Bella moved from her home in Arizona to live with her father in Washington State. She fell in love with a perpetually young vampire, Edward Cullen, and the drama ensued, as did the merchandising possibilities. So with the movie came the calendars, bracelets, trading cards, journals and all other sorts of treasures. There were a couple of fun board games for the offing, including a Scene It? Twilight Deluxe Edition and a board game with the simple title, Twilight.

Scene It? Twilight Edition features hundreds of clips, trivia questions and on-screen puzzlers from the movie. The object of the game is to race other players around the board to be the first to enter the Twilightening Round and find out who knows the most about this popular movie. There are customized mini-games and bonus activities that will challenge your observation, memory and puzzle solving skills and that are unique to Scene It? Twilight Edition. Most of all, you get the chance to see more Bella, Edward, Jacob and the gang while you relive your favorite Twilight moments.

Twilight is a more standard board game experience. According to the manufacturer, players get to “reenact the hunt for Bella through the woods of Olympic Peaks.” The players are divided into teams, with the first team playing as Bella and Edward while the other represents James and Victoria. Players try to collect all eight “Scenes” of the Twilight story to tell the tale of Edward and Bella. The game is rated 3 1/2 stars on Amazon.

With the release of the second movie in the series The Twilight Saga: New Moon –The Movie Game is now for sale. The more you know about the movie, the better your chances in the game, which is a greater challenge before the movie opens. The game includes a board with images from the movie, scene cards with images from the movie, playing pieces and dice. You travel the board, answer questions, and try to be the first player to collect all 8 scenes from New Moon and reunite Bella and Edward to win.

Whatever the choice, Twilight fans will be delighted to have the chance to add a game based on their favorite movie to all of their other fun board games.

Twilight: New Moon is coming! Don’t miss anything. This is your

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